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Last month I had the pleasure to collaborate with ModMods on a piece they were doing on Judit García-Talavera. You can read the whole interview here.

Some of the photos I took of Judit’s studio:

Judit García-talavera studio, Barcelona
Judit García-talavera studio, Barcelona
Judit García-talavera studio, Barcelona
Judit García-talavera studio, Barcelona

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January 28, 2014 / Announcements


2013 Street Style Review

I hope you enjoy the selection of some of the best street style looks of 2013. This is the year when I recovered my blog after “the incident” so it has been a big year for me. Thank you all of you for your comments and your visits, they encourage me to continue.
This year I included a new section: Sunday Inspirations and I plan to include another one on 2014 (Yay!) so stay tuned!

Happy 2014!


December 31, 2013 / Announcements


Instagram Moments from 2013

Judit García -Talavera studioViviana Volpicella - Instagram
Noah's feetTatel in Assisi Italy
our weddingsunflower field - Italy
Girls at Sonar with cateyes sunglassesplants - Barcelona
Olives at el Born - BarcelonaNoah with a cactus

Almost a year ago I created my Instagram account. Here are some of the moments I captured in this 2013. Do not miss any photo, follow me @tatel_trendycrew

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December 31, 2013 / Announcements


Hello Instagram + Giveaway!

at palais de tokyobarcelona
boqueriafei fei sun
mademoiselle yuliame at kenzo
noah in san sebastiansushi at doblezeroo

Ok this might come a bit late but I finally have an instagram account! I have been postponing it until I got a decent mobile which not collapsed everytime I wanted to take a photo. Here you can see a selection of some of the photos I have taken. Most of the shots are from Barcelona, my son Noah, food, Paris Fashion week and all the things I like.

When searching for tips and filters for my photos I discovered Stickygram, a website that allows you to turn your instagram photos into magnets. How cool is that!


To celebrate that now I am an instagramer, the lovely guys from Stickygram are giving away two packs of sticky grams to a couple of lucky winners! Make your photos jump from your mobile to your fridge!

For a chance to win you have to:

1) Follow me on instagram: @tatel_trendycrew
2) Upload a photo to instagram and tag it with both @tatel_trendycrew and the hashtag #stickygram

The 2 lucky winners will be chosen at random on Friday. Good luck!

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April 29, 2013 / Announcements


It Fashion + Judit García-Talavera


It Fashion is one of those online magazines that you can’t help to come back to again and again. The magazine was founded in 1999 in Barcelona by Estel Vilaseca. Estel is not only creative but has a gift for compiling marvelous articles in a way that makes you dream.
It is because of my strong admiration for It Fashions content, that I am beyond honored to be a part of Estel’s online exhibition organized to celebrate its new design. The exhibition displays the work of a group of fashion illustrators that will give life to ideas in ways that words cannot.
Judit García-Talavera illustrates the ideology ” simplicity is my key, complexity my ring”. This concept defines the evolving and complex character of the girls that make It Fashion possible.

So please don’t hesitate to head over to It Fashion, enjoy it and be a part of this fascinating online artistic revolution!

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January 28, 2013 / Announcements, Illustrations


Welcome 2013!

welcome 2013

Ok I know this comes a bit late, but better now than never.

So a new year, a new blog. Or almost.
As you might have noticed, trendycrew was down during the month of December. It seems that some Chinese hackers got interested in street style and decided to hack my blog. It took us almost a month to bring the blog back online. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to recover all of our previous posts. It was really sad that all the photos, comments, ratings, tags, and everything else was lost. I couldn’t help but to start crying as Trendycrew is in a certain way my baby. I have invested so much time and energy in this project and suddenly it was gone.

The Chinese word of crisis consists of two parts; danger and opportunity. So I decided that my new year´s resolution (besides making the blog safer) is to see this as an opportunity to start again, even if it is from the scratch. This fresh start coincides nicely with trendycrew’s 5th anniversary but I will talk about this later.

I want to thank you all for your patience. I appreciate all your emails and the facebook messages. We will be working really hard on re-establishing TC. I am also planning on writing a bit more, sharing the stories that happen during fashion weeks, and sometimes more personal ones.

I would like you all to be part of this new chapter so please e-mail me your suggestions. What would you like to see in the blog?

We are (finally) back!


Font by Judit García-Talavera


January 23, 2013 / Announcements


10.000 Thanks!

illustration by judit garcía-talavera

This week we hit the 10,000 likes on our Trendycrew Facebook page. Thank you very much for your support. Remember that you can also follow us here: Google +, Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest

Illustration by Judit García-Talavera

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November 22, 2012 / Announcements, Illustrations


We did it!

tatel and daniel wedding

The 28th of July of 2012 we decided to tie the knot.
It was a great weekend with our closest friends and families. As Daniel is German and I am Colombian we have friends coming from all around the world.

Thanks to all our dearest friends and family for sharing this day with us.

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July 31, 2012 / Announcements