2013 Street Style Review

I hope you enjoy the selection of some of the best street style looks of 2013. This is the year when I recovered my blog after “the incident” so it has been a big year for me. Thank you all of you for your comments and your visits, they encourage me to continue.
This year I included a new section: Sunday Inspirations and I plan to include another one on 2014 (Yay!) so stay tuned!

Happy 2014!

5 years!

model exiting kenzo
Anna Dello Russo
Magdalena Frackowiak
Free Pussy Riot
Cara Delavigne
Carla and Franca Sozzani
Natasha Goldenberg and Viviana Volpicella
Carine Roitfeld and Anya Zioruva
Tamu McPherson
Anne Catherine Frey
Aline webber
wide leg pants
Helena Boham Carter
Bunny ears
balenciaga model
Balenciaga model
Codie Young

When I started with the blog back in 2008 I would have never thought that I would be writing here 5 years later. It all started as a side project; I wanted to share my love for fashion and photography, but with the years it has become my main project.

Today I want to share some moments that I had captured during the fashion weeks, including my fan/groupie encounter with Helena Boham Carter (& husband!). I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did taking the photos.

I also want to thank you all for your visits, your comments, likes, tweets…and all those expressions of love. Seriously, without them, I would probably have quit long time ago. Thanks for making Trendycrew possible.

Have a lovely weekend. I will spend it celebrating this 5th anniversary!